Firstly, I would like to apologize for my English writing skill. English is my 2nd language. So, I will try my best to describe how I made my son’s Halloween costume. I older boy is 3 and he loves Rocket Ship so I decided to make him a coolest Rocket Ship costume because it’s more fun and special.

I spent about 3 nights to make my older son’s Rocket Ship. I pretty much used all the stuff that I could find at home. I have those silver car shades which had been sitting in the garage for long time, and it came in handy now, for my Rocket Ship’s body foundation. I cut the silver shade into the Rocket Ship base, a rectangular shape, and a cone shape, for the Rocket Ship’s top. Then I sewed up the base and the top. I covered the top of the Rocket Ship in 2 color felts, light green and dark green.

After sewing up the Rocket Ship foundation, I had my son dressed it up, so I could measure on where to cut the hole for his face and arms. Then I cut some blue felt in circle shape and cut the circle into 3 (total 4  pieces on each hole), so I could sew them around the holes. This way, I think it’s more cool, not just simple looking holes.

For my Rocket Ship’s wing, I cut the same car shade into 2 long triangle shapes. And sewed them on each side, right under the arm hole. And sewed some green color felt to make the wings stand out.

Then, I cut some left over car shade pieces into triangle shapes, so I could sew up the triangles around the body of my Rocket Ship. And, I used 3 color of felt, orange, yellow and red for my Rocket Ship’s flame. I cut the felt in flame shape and sew them under the edge of my triangle. Now, it’s really looking good, as if my Rocket Ship is ready to blast off. But, I still thought I needed something else.

Light up Rocket Ship, would be super cool! I got some Halloween led tealight from Target, which comes in 4, about $2.50 a pack. I sewed up the lights right on the triangle, so my son’s Rocket Ship would shine when he goes for trick or treating.

Lastly, I used 2 large soda bottles, sewed up both bottles at the back of my Rocket Ship. I cut the bottle top open so I could put a led tealight inside the bottle, then wrapped the bottle with aluminum foil. And cut some holes so when light is from inside the bottles, we could see. Finally, I attached some of my flame felt at the bottom of my bottles.

I really think my Rocket Ship turned out to be super cool looking, as my 3 year old son wears them, all the time in the home now. Let’s hope it will not break when Halloween comes, ha-ha.