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Cool DIY Rocket Man Costume for 3-Year-Old Boy

This Rocket Man costume was Nana’s idea, knowing her 3 year old Grandson Zade loved anything to do with speed, flying, and fire. Zade was stoked at the idea, especially after watching the movie. We started out with a simple plan, two soda bottles and spray painted silver attached to his back. Easy enough right? I told my husband, Craig, and he boosted the idea up a few notches.

He found his trusty Dremel tool and an old train set. Eight hours later he had made a wicked looking jet pack. Craig went to town separating every single cool looking piece off the train set and hot-gluing it to the soda bottles. We used a sandcastle mold for the top. Once everything was glued and set, we took it to the garage and spray painted it “gun metal” silver. While it was drying, we took some red and orange felt, cut it into the shape of flames, and then had Zade paint it with red glitter paint. We glued those to the bottom of the jet packs. It was fastened with a harness and he was ready to go. We accessorized with a green corduroy jacket adorned with military style badges we ironed on. We found a pair of gold pants and he wore brown boots.

Zade didn’t walk from house to house. He flew. His Papa John shined a red tinted flashlight at his flames so they looked like they were really on fire. He was Rocket Man!

My favorite part of this costume creation was that Zade got to help in every step. It was a project with his Nana and his Dad that he was able to really participate in. I also loved that as soon as he put the jet pack on, you could see an instant transformation.

He really became Rocket Man. He could REALLY fly. It was awesome!

Cool DIY Rocket Man Costume for 3-Year-Old Boy

Cool DIY Rocket Man Costume for 3-Year-Old Boy

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