I really enjoy making my own Halloween costumes, especially costumes that take you brain a second to figure out. I didnt have any specific idea this year so I randomly chose to make a chimp strapped to a rocket. I didnt think I could pull it off so it was fun building something I had no clue how I would make. For the rockets I used a couple cardboard tubes that you pour concrete in and bolted them together. I hack sawed the inside out and attached some staps and it looked like a rocket, so naturally I wrapped it in foil. I built the legs out of pool noodles and hot glued some fur on the end and attached shoes. Then I found some long johns and made tutus aound the legs in flame colors. The mask and gloves I picked up at the local costume store. Overall, all my friends really liked it and thought it was creative. A couple kids saw me in it and their face lit up, that was cool. My little sister, 7, couldnt wrap her mind around the fact that I was in there somehwere. Its cool to create something and be able to wear it around and see peoples faces and that why Halloween is my favorite day of the year!