I created the body of the candle using a collapsible laundry basket covered with white fabric and a white turtleneck sewn to the top. I added the candle stripes with blue duct tape.

I used paper mache to make the flame. I started with a balloon as the base and attached a cone to get the right shape.  Then I added layers of yellow and red tissue paper pieces using liquid starch. Once dry, I cut out the opening for the face and added lights inside so that the candle flame would glow. Then I just added a little paint to my son’s face to blend in.

I also made a matching treat bag for him using a small bag meant for washing delicates. I created the body of the mini candle the same way (with white fabric & blue duct tape), but I sewed a small battery operated tealight into the zippered top for this flame.

It was a unique costume, and it turned out pretty cute, especially with the lighting factor.