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Coolest Grocery Bag Costume

My Daughter, Danielle wanted a costume that had a chance of winning her school’s monster mash costume contest and her dad was telling her how he won a contest as a kid when he was a grocery bag.  She wanted to see a picture of him but we didn’t have one so we decided to make one of our own.

For the Grocery Bag costume, we used a local stores bag as inspiration and tried to make it as realistic as possible.  She was excited to see how it all came together.  As soon as we entered the party everyone was pointing out her costume and coming up to her.  She was so excited when she won the monster mash contest that she’s already brainstorming what she can be next year.

Materials used:

  • Rectangular Box
  • Brown packing paper roll
  • Packing Tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Permanent glue stick
  • Grocery bag from local store
  • package of 1″ elastic
  • Dragon back scissors
  • Recycled food packages


Measure from armpit to above knee and cut box if needed, cut off flaps.  Measure brown paper by wrapping around box, cut and fold at creases and down sides for realistic bag creases prior to attaching with packing tape to box.  Cut bag handles from brown paper, 3″ wide, fold in 1/3s to 1″ wide and then fold to make handle and attach with hot glue.  For the straps, buy 1″ elastic; Measure from shoulder to armpit and double, plus a couple inches, attach to inside of box with hot glue.

Cut letters out of grocery bag and attach with permanent glue stick.  Cut top of bag with dragon back scissors for the serrated look on top edge.  Try on before adding food and adjust straps if needed.  Seal packages of food and attach to inside rim of box with lots of hot glue, add small packages to straps with hot glue to hide the straps.  Add a receipt, try on, and you’re done!

Cost was under $5 since I only needed to buy the brown paper roll and the elastic straps. We used a headband and hot glued a plastic banana for her her accessory.  This was easy, inexpensive and so much fun to make!

We went trick or treating last night and so many people loved her costume, one house had a special treat bag for her having an awesome costume, a few houses had other people come to the door to see her costume and another asked to take a picture of her in it because they loved it so much!  The funniest was probably the person who thought somehow we actually got the large bag from the store!

We hope you all loved our Grocery Bag costume as much as we did!

Coolest Grocery Bag Costume

Coolest Grocery Bag Costume

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