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150+ Awesome Homemade Original and Unique Costumes

Stand out in a crowd with a truly original costume. Forget the store bought costumes or the traditional Halloween costume ideas. Access the most creative part of your brain to come up with fabulously unique costumes, like the ones below.

Searching for costume ideas and looking for motivation? Or feeling like the most uninspired person on the planet? Don’t fret. Take a look at the one-of-a-kind costumes here and they will get your imagination flowing. For instance, check out the violin spider fairy costume and the toddler Liberace behind his candelabra. Also, the slow cooking turtle burger. Another super cool idea is a connect the dots costume.

When it comes to original homemade costumes ideas, the stranger the better. So, open your mind to the weird and wonderful DIY costumes here. Get inspired to make your own and share it with us here!

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