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Pregnant Couple Costume: Basketball Player and Ball

I actually painted the ball on my belly myself using the bathroom mirror. I made sure to paint over the stretch marks I have gotten. This is our first pregnancy. I am 38 weeks pregnant in the picture. We don’t know the gender, we are keeping it a surprise so we just say “We are having a BALL!”

My husband was a big basketball player in high school. He loves it. I wanted to paint my belly because it is so big and round. We were looking for something to do other than the typical painting a jack-o-lantern. We got A LOT of looks, laughs and comments. Everyone wanted a picture of us.  I got several comments about how brave I was as a pregnant woman to do this. What I did not realize was how much a hand magnet the basket ball would be. Usually people ask or hesitate to touch my belly but I guess since it’s painted and exposed, then everyone felt welcomed to touch. I truly didn’t mind at all. I was happy to share the belly joy and some got to feel kicks. I enjoyed seeing their faces light up with that. The kids were especially mesmerized by the belly. It’s been a hard pregnancy with low thyroid issues, anemia, bad pregnancy carpal tunnel, and severe swelling. This was a great day to get out and laugh at myself and not worry about the problems and just celebrate my last couple weeks of pregnancy before my first baby is welcomed to the family. My husband recently quit his job, we sold our house and moved in with my parents, all so he could go back to school to get a degree in Chemical Engineering to provide for our family. Soon after this huge leap of faith, we found out we were pregnant to top it all off. It’s a crazy ride and we don’t have much higher money since I’m home to take care of the baby and my husband is in school. The prize money would be a huge blessing to pay off a car note and debt to lower our monthly expenses. It will also help us pay medical bills.

Pregnant Couple Costume: Basketball Player and Ball

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