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Slam Dunk Pregnant Belly Costume

I was 8 and a half months pregnant, and I wanted to make a clever pregnant belly costume to wear at the school in which I taught.  I looked online to try to get ideas for pregnant women, and I couldn’t find anything that I liked, or that I willing to put the effort into.  So then I tried to brainstorm some ideas of my own.  Big belly…. Planet… Balloon…. Ball…. BALL!!!  Basketball!!!  I can make myself into a basketball hoop!

All I had to buy was an orange hula hoop, some white cord, and some orange material to tie around my belly.  Other materials needed include a hot glue gun, a permanent marker, and pure black clothing. (I also needed a lighter because the rope I bought would unravel every time I cut it.  I needed to melt the rope at the ends.)

I started with the orange material.  I cut out a piece that could fit across my belly and tie in the back.  Then I used my permanent marker to draw the lines and curves of a basketball.  I tried it on to make sure people could tell it was a basketball.

The next part of my pregnant belly costume was more difficult.  I cut out 16 ropes (you need an even number of rope) at about 30 inches in length.  I tied and hot glued the rope to the hula hoop in even intervals.  Then I tied the ropes right next to each other together to look like a net.  I continued to tie the ropes together until I got to the bottom.  Finally, I attached some rope to the top of the hoop so I could hang it over my shoulders.

That’s all!  I came to school in my black clothes and “basketball” tied around my belly, and I slipped on my hoop when I got to class.  From that instant, EVERYBODY was talking about me and my Slam Dunk pregnant belly costume!  I had coworkers and my principal asking to take my picture.  Others randomly popped in my classroom because other teachers told them they HAD to see me!  One of the teacher aides told me that if there was a costume contest, I would definitely win.  It was a blast!  Definitely the best costume I ever made.

Slam Dunk Pregnant Belly Costume

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