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Coolest Basketball Goal Costume

I asked my 3-year old what he wanted to be for Halloween and he promptly said a basketball goal! I thought, well that is a silly idea but as my co worker and I commuted to work one day and brainstormed the idea, I quickly changed my mind. This was a great idea.

I took notes from the Little Tykes basketball goal in the garage. I traced the backstop onto a piece of cardboard from a refrigerator box and then painted with acrylic paints to match the color scheme. White on the front with a big red square. I painted the back blue and then printed on card stock the letters for “All Star” and a huge star gluing them on to decorate the back.

I found a long sleeved t-shirt with colored arms and a white body. I bought two nets for about $1.50 each and cut them down one side. I hand sewed them in a line from one wrist across the chest to the other wrist. He wore blue sweatpants and tennis shoes.

I used a fat red ribbon to tie the backboard onto his torso crossing the ribbon on his chest and then back through the board and tied in back.

He would hold his hands in front in a circle to form the hoop when people asked him what he was (although it was pretty obvious). He got plenty of chuckles from passers by.

We originally bought a basketball mask for him to wear but it was too big and uncomfortable. If I had to do it all over, I would have bought a real basketball (the small one) and cut it in half somehow and made it into a hat.

What I love most about the costume is that it was totally his idea!

Basketball Goal Costume

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  1. that is so cool. I love to do my kids costumes with them and that is a really good one that my 5yr old can help with. And the ball hat is a good idea too… thanks!


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