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Coolest 70s Basketball Team Costume

We decided to become a basketball team, inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. Our team, “The Outlaws” needed a Homemade 70s Basketball Team Costume! After looking for jerseys and shorter shorts and having no luck, we found some red jerseys, which one of the girls added to with stars, a number we chose, and each with a nickname spelled on the back. The bottoms were also shorts that were altered with stars and stripes. We all wore knee high socks and some basketball shoes. We also included the sweatbands, wrist and head.

The boys also wore mustaches and wigs to complete their look. We also brought a basketball out with us, which we annoyingly bounced around everywhere we went, and did “Gooooo team” all night. We went out to dinner, bowling, and out to a bar and people all night thought we were a basketball team or a dodgeball team, which would have been just as great!

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