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Coolest Homemade Basketball Hoop Halloween Costume

I came up with this Homemade Basketball Hoop Halloween Costume about 2 days before Halloween. I wanted to be something different, and non-obstructive like the box-like costumes I had been in the past. So I was a basketball hoop!
All you really need is:

A sweatband
A hole-punch
Face paint

I took a piece of cardboard and made it into the shape of a basketball backboard, and with a red marker, drew a square. I then taped a sweatband to a strip of flexible cardboard thick enough to cover up the sweatband. This strip was then taped onto the backboard. I hole-punched the strip of cardboard about every 1.5 inches, and laced some string through it and knotting it in a similar fashion to a basketball net. My head then acted as the basketball itself: I spray painted my hair orange, and with orange and black face paint, I made the design or a basketball. I then dressed in the same color from the shoulders down in order to look like the pole.

I had everything at home, but I couldn’t see these supplies surpassing $3-8.

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