My baby turned 8 months at the time of Halloween this year and I started thinking about what costume to make for her a month in advance. She had just started going on her knees and I thought by the time Halloween approaches she will be crawling all around and so I decided to make her a spider costume with me being the web (she is very clingy, so would have worked even Also, Incy Wincy spider is her favorite nursery rhyme. So everything seemed just perfect for her to be a spider.

However, as Halloween day got closer, I was too caught up with other things happening around the house and couldn’t make the costume until the last day. And, my baby was still not crawling! My husband often placed her on the pool table in our basement hoping she will go after one of the balls, and she enjoyed being up there and playing with the balls. So it occurred to me that I could make her the magic 8 ball and place her among other balls on the table for a great picture opportunity! I couldn’t contain my excitement as this was perfect considering she was exactly 8 months at the time.

So I just put her in a black top and bottoms and stuffed her top with scraps of fabric (tucked in her pants) to make a round shape. I then made her wear a black velvet one piece (full sleeves and full pants) that I found at my local thrift store. I cut out a white round shape from card stock and painted the number 8 on it just like a billiards ball. I also cut out alphabets that read “am I cute?” and stuck them around the ‘8’ as a question posed to the magic 8 ball.

On the back, I cut a blue triangle out of card stock and wrote the words “without a doubt” just like one of the answers reads in the actual magic 8 ball. It cracked up whoever saw our little magic 8 ball. We took her trick or treating around our block and she sure got some laughs out of everyone who saw her, including our neighbor who was just operated on after a water skiing accident! His question for her was ” will I be OK soon”? and of course there was his answer on her back that put a smile on his face instantly!!

Truly magical. That’s our baby’s first Halloween story and it sure was a memorable one with her being the magic 8 ball and the costume being homemade!