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Cutest Lil’ Scuba Diver Costume for a Baby

For nine month old Charley Paige, the BEST part of the day is bath-time! It’s no wonder, her Mom and Dad are both SCUBA divers, beach lovers, boaters and ocean seekers. Charley hasn’t been able to go to the beach, yet, (thanks Pandemic) so to cope, her absolute favorite thing to do is wade in her baby pool and splash in the bathtub every, single night until she turns into a prune. With water as her first love, her first Halloween costume was a no brainer .. Cutest lil’ SCUBA diver: “Charley the Chum Chaser”!

The wetsuit was simple, black footed Pajamas from Carters (can you imagine trying to shimmy a chunky, wiggly baby into an ACTUAL wetsuit). For the oxygen tank, a simple 2 liter bottle of soda (emptied!) from the Dollar Store, spray painted silver.

While at the Dollar Store, we found a small dog harness for the BCD (buoyancy compensator device) and decided to velcro the bottle to the harness. We then raided Grandad’s classic car “shop” for tubing for the regulator line and oddly enough, we had to buy a pacifier for the regulator… she has never taken to a paci, that was the most difficult part of the entire photo shoot, having her keep it in her mouth!

To round out the costume, hot pink foam paper cut outs for fins and a baby sized pink mask in anticipation for her first trip to the beach. I am the kind of Mom that has been thinking about her Halloween costume for months! Her favorite song is BABY SHARK for goodness sakes… I HAD to make it water or ocean related to commemorate all of her favorite things in her little world.

I grew up with a Mom that made our Halloween costumes, I always knew I’d follow suit… I just didn’t realize how adorable the finished product would be :)

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  1. This is ADORABLE! Where did you find the mask? Having a hard time finding something similar for my 6 month old. You guys did such a great job with this!


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