Here’s what I used to make the Scuba Diver baby costume:

  • 2 water bottles
  • Silver Spray paint
  • $3 kids back pack
  • Pink duct tape
  • Black Electrical tape
  • black nylon webbing
  • black plastic clip
  • Hot glue
  • 4 feet of black “cord keeper”
  • pacifier
  • pink craft foam
  • old watch
  • Track suit

I spray painted to 2 water bottles silver. Duct taped them together with pink duct tape. I cut the “bag” part off of the back pack so I was just left with the shoulder straps and the back part. I hot glued the water bottles to it. I used about 1.5 feet of cord keeper and attached it to one of the water bottles for a regulator using black electrical tape. On the other end of the hose I attached a pacifier with black electrical tape. I took the other cord keeper and attached it to the 2nd water bottle the same way. I hot glued an old broken watch face to the shoulder strap of the back pack and then used electrical tape around it to make it look like a case and then attached the end of the cord keeper hose to it with glue and tape. Because she is so little I wanted a little extra holding on the back pack, so I took some nylon webbing and attached it to a clip then glued the nylon to the shoulder straps at chest level. I cut fins out of pink craft foam and cut 2 slits at ! the top so that I could just weave the velcro strap of her shoes through it. Kids goggles and a wetsuit (black and pink track suit) completed the look!  

The hardest part of the costume was really finding the materials. I got the track suit months ago but finding a backpack small enough 2 months after the “back to school” supplies were taken down was unexpectedly challenging! Also, determining and then finding, what would make the best “hose” took some time. She is only 1 so I wanted the BCD, tanks and hoses to be as light as possible and I didn’t want to use heavy rubber hose. Plus it needed to be flexible.  The cord keeper worked perfect. 

Everyone loved her costume! We got comments like “that’s one of the cutest and most original costumes I’ve ever seen. Wish I had thought of it. She’s precious!!” and “I never thought of this costume and I was the queen of Halloween !”  People stopped us on the street as we were trick or treating (which was on Sunday 10/26 in our neighborhood) to say how awesome it was or to get a closer look at it. She looked so adorable in it!  I wish I could take her out in it all the time LOL!