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Coolest Scuba Diver Costume

Since Daddy is an underwater photographer, I could not resist making this Homemade Scuba Diver Costume for our 20 month old son.

I bought some slightly stretchy black fabric and a heavy duty zipper and sewed the Wetsuit or “Drysuit” on the front. I used an iron on patch to stiffen an oval of fabric to better keep the sticker on and put the sticker on it while still warm which seemed to help it not peel off. Adding black rain boots were the finishing touch.

As for the BC (Buoyancy Control) vest, I sewed another piece of fabric with a horseshoe shape that was stuffed with some batting to give the illusion of holding some air, and in the middle of the horseshoe was a sturdy double thick piece of cardboard to mount the tanks. The vest straps were from an old backpack that I cut down to size and sewed to the back of the vest.

The Regulator was from an old mouthpiece and some different plastic lids glued and taped together. The secondary air source was from an old broken snorkel. The “air” hoses are TV cable wires that attached to a cable splitter that was hidden in a plastic tube and covered with black electrical tape.

The tanks are large clear water bottles with the labels removed and then I swished some yellow acrylic paint on the inside. A trip to the hardware store was the final step and found some irrigation piping and connectors for the tank connections. A little silver duct tape and some zip ties to connect the tanks to the vest and voila!

Time to get in the water and check the visibility! Happy Diving!!

Homemade Scuba Diver Costume

Homemade Scuba Diver Costume

Homemade Scuba Diver Costume

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