We made the coolest scuba diver costume for Halloween this year.  It even glowed!!!  Our son was the happiest kid in town.

It started back in the summer. We bought him a youth scuba diver kit for when we go to the local swimming pool.  Our son is fascinated with the ocean, ponds, swimming pools, etc. If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he says ” shark or alligator catcher.”   He wore the scuba diver stuff even in the bath tub. I just knew he would want to be a scuba diver for halloween.

Our son is autistic and we know we cannot have make up on his skin. So this was a perfect solution. We used a thin all black long sleeve shirt with a hoodie. Long black stretchy pants. Solid black socks. His normal swimming shoes fit inside the scuba flippers. The mask and snorkel can fit on his head if he was tired of having it on his face. To make the tanks we spray painted two 2-liters the same color of his scuba gear. We painted the caps black to represent a real tank cap. We used black duct tape to keep them together. To keep them on his back, we tried multiple ideas. The one that worked best for us was using suspenders. We borrowed a pair of black suspenders from his sister. We did them backwords.  We clipped the two hinges onto the tape and put the suspenders over his shoulders and clipped the one hinge on the front of his waste ban.  To make the weighted belt we used an old belt of his and used velcro to attach two small boxes that we covered in aluminum foil. To make the air regulator we used old tubing from a cpap machine.

We went to a few Halloween parties before trick or treating. We put green glow sticks into the air regulator tubes. We put green glow sticks into the tanks along with a led tube light that really made those tanks glow.

He won a few contests and received extra goody bags. He had a blast with this costume. And he gets to enjoy it after halloween.  He can still pretend to be a scuba diver even through out the winter.