Coolest Paddle Ball Couple Halloween Costume

I LOVE Halloween and my husband is a great sport.  This year we searched and searched and came up with this little dandy!  A very fun costume that was relatively cheap to make and was so much fun!

The Ball!

I purchased a large beach ball on line.  I used a flour, water, glue paper mache recipe and used coffee filters (so much easier than newspaper) and began the process.  I added a piece of string around the middle before the last layer to give it the molded look of a real paddle ball.  It took about 5 layers to make the ball strong enough for the night.  Once it was dry I cut a hole large enought for my head in the top and a hole large enough for my body to get inside on the bottom.  I made the arm holes with the help of my husband, they were more toward the front so that I had full use of my arms.   Then I pained it red.  Added the elastic detail in the front and the elastic in the back and BAM there it is.

The Paddle

My husband purchased floor underlayment from the hardware store.  It was about 1/4 ” thick so it wasn ‘t too heavy.  We used a computer projector to get the exact shape and then he used a jig saw to cut the paddle shape out and a hole for his face.  All we had to do was paint a design on the front.  I used an old vintage one that I liked.  He ended up attaching a strap to the back that he looped around his neck so he could “wear” the paddle.

Coolest Paddle Ball Couple Halloween Costume

Coolest Paddle Ball Couple Halloween Costume

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