Our Little Magic 8 Ball Baby Costume

Our Little Magic 8 Ball Baby Costume

My baby turned 8 months at the time of Halloween this year and I started thinking about what costume to make for her a month in advance. She had just started going on her knees and I thought by the time Halloween approaches she will be crawling all around and so I decided to make her a spider costume … Read more

Coolest Pool Set Costume

Homemade Pool Set Costume

Starting left to right… Pool chalk: Take a square box and cut the top of for the bottom part. Cut circles for the arms and top with a painted foam top. Cut a hole for you head and write the words on the box. Pool table: Rectangle box covered with green felt cut holes and … Read more

Coolest Billiard Ball Costume

Homemade Billiard Ball Costume

For my Billiard Ball costume, I took a pattern for a tennis ball. Any pattern for a round object will do. I cut out the pattern in black felt (since magic 8 balls are black). I then traced a round plastic lid onto white felt and cut out. I printed out an 8 from my … Read more