Coolest Pool Set Costume

Starting left to right…

Pool chalk: Take a square box and cut the top of for the bottom part. Cut circles for the arms and top with a painted foam top. Cut a hole for you head and write the words on the box.

Pool table: Rectangle box covered with green felt cut holes and fill with black felt. I took wood contact paper and covered the rest of the box. For the edge of the table I folded the cut parts of the box and covered with the contact paper for support. I used the green felt as suspenders. For the balls I painted each and hot glued the foam balls to the table. The pockets are a nice beer holder for friends.

Pool Stick: Foam body covered with tan felt and dark brown bottom. Head of the stick is foam and covered in same felt topped with white and then finally with green felt to match the chalk.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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