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Unique Dallas Cowboys Fan Costume

Howdy! My name is Samantha and I’m 28 weeks pregnant with my third baby girl. Let me tell you how this unique Dallas Cowboys fan costume came to life.

I live in Arlington Tx, and have been at the company I work for almost nine years. We were not allowed to dress up for Halloween until just three years ago when a new branch Manager took over and decided to have a costume contest for Halloween. That first year I was also pregnant with my now 2 year old and dressed up as a Mommy ghost with a baby ghost sticking up my belly. Even though my costume was cute, everyone saw it as an okay costume and I was just another contestant.

Thus, this year I decided to do something crazy, different, but memorable, (even if it meant ridiculously funny) but that I knew it would put a smile on everyone’s face because of its originality, and let me tell you, it was a great success!

So much, that the building I work at is split up by our own warehouse and people from the other side of the building would come to my side just to see me because “everyone was talking about me”. The reactions were the same, they would all crack up as soon as they saw me because it was just too funny. People will nod their head and put a big smile on their faces making comments that “they couldn’t tell it was me”, that my costume was “really awesome” and that they “would never forget it”. The next day (Saturday) I went to work with my regular clothed people were still laughing and making jokes such as “oh! you shaved”.

I work in the Air export department and it’s a very stressful environment. Making this day less stressful for everyone was important for me, especially on month end and very close to finish the last quarter of the year. I didn’t care how ridiculous I looked, all the smiles I got out of it was so much worth it! =)


At the office
At the office

Putting the ideas together

I didn’t know what I would dress up as but I was looking for something different and inexpensive; not to mention there aren’t any choices around for costumes for pregnant women that you can go get at Walmart.

I’m the only gal in my department and I’m surrounded by young and hardworking guys, all of us in our 30’s. One of them is continuously bringing up the size of my baby belly and comparing it to his big belly, that’s how the idea of turning my baby belly into a beer belly came about.

And why dress up as a Dallas Cowboy’s fan? Well, why not? It’s football season and that’s all the guys are talking about EVERYDAY.

Dressing up on a budget

I am honestly not a football fan, but a soccer fan instead. So I didn’t have any Dallas Cowboys related items. Thus I turned to EBay to get the jersey a couple of weeks prior. I made sure I got me a much smaller size than I would wear right now to make sure my belly would be hanging out.

The rest? Well it just flowed. After I put on the jersey I didn’t know what I could wear for bottoms. All the jeans I have right now have the pocket for the belly and they were obviously not going to make me look like a man. In doing my husband’s laundry I found a pair of sweatpants that I thought about wearing. I put them on and it looked fine, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Then was when I saw those blue basketball shorts and I thought they were perfect as I could wear his boot looking tennis shoes with crew socks to really make me look like a guy.

Finally, I didn’t know what to do with my long hair. First I was thinking about just wearing a hat but then I remembered that the real Cowboys fans wear just about anything to show their passion, that’s when I decided to go to Walmart (across the Cowboys stadium by the way) to see what kind of memorabilia they had. That’s where I found the fan’s hat with crazy hair and the cozy. As I was about to leave the store I passed by the Halloween costume section and that’s where I found the tattoo sleeves and the fake teeth, lucky me! these additional props were only $1. Once home, I found the little blue and gray football ball in my daughter’s toy box.

Show time!

The day finally came and I needed to get ready. I remembered I had the long silver necklace with the money like sign in an old jewelry box and took it out to add the “bling bling” to the outfit. I dropped off my daughter at school 30 mins earlier than usual to give myself enough time to stop by my sister’s place on my way to work and get ready. Once I put the clothes on, the additional details were last minute add-ons. I drew myself the mustache, the beard, the eyebrows and the hair on the belly, and I cut a few hairs off one of my daughter’s hair pc to put on the hair sticking out of the chest.

My toddler was having so much fun as she saw me getting ready. She was laughing while I was drawing the hair on my belly and once I was ready to go she kept on saying “daddy, daddy”.

I’m yet to know if I ended up winning the contest at work or not, and I don’t know if I’ll ever do something as crazy as this. All I can say is that the the reactions I got were priceless and that was definitely quite an experience!

Before heading out
Before heading out

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