I’m going to start by telling you that this home made halloween costume was the cheapest one I have made yet and by far the scariest. I was searching everywhere for ideas but my main source was the magical “Google” haha. After I found the idea that I wanted I was eager to go one better.

I am what I like to call myself “the op shop queen” so when it comes to any kind of costume or just after a bargain that’s the first place I go (This was probably the best part ). My white dress was $1, my pink dressing gown was $1, the pillow was $1, my 10 times too big mumma bra was $1  and the doll I used was also $1. I used make up that had been in my cupboard for a while and bought a bottle of fake blood new $5. After searching around on YouTube on how to make fake wounds and gashes I found a recipe for liquid latex which was very easy, it was petroleum jelly, flour and some liquid foundation.  Once i got everything, I started by folding the pillow in half and sewing into a round shape.  I then put on the huge mumma bra (over my normal bra) and filled each side with 4 pairs of socks. Felt like I was 8 again haha. Then put the white dress on and had a friend tape the pillow to my belly. The tighter the better I said haha, not knowing how much it would hurt and sting when I had to take it off ooouuuccchhhh!! I had to cut the dolls arm and leg off, my mum couldn’t bear to watch . She walked out of the room. Which I thought it was a little funny due to how much my family love dolls. I then used my hot glue gun and glued the head and arm in position. After doing so i realized there was an open hole from the dolls neck so I had to stuff it with something and the first thing I saw while standing outside was a bag of hay so I used a little and glued it there. Having already done my make up and wounds prior to the outfit I squirted myself head to toe in fake blood. The reactions I got were priceless I had people tell it was the most creative costume they had ever seen and the best. At the halloween party I went to everyone was saying I would have won best dressed had they of had a prize.  Being someone who loves to dress up its one of the best costume ive ever worn and definitely the best I’ve ever made. I’m already thinking of ideas for next year. I can’t wait!!