Jack and Jill After they Fell Down the Hill Couple Costume

First off you need a handsome man to make the cut to be your Jack. What I did was went to a nearby thrift store and got an XL men’s plaid button up t-shirt. I then had my friend sew it up into a dress. I then used a white piece of fabric for the apron and lastly put my hair up in pig tails and used a pail for the water! My Jack got some slacks and suspenders and put a head wrap around his head since”Jack fell down and broke his crown”.

Everything was perfect about our costume except for one thing, it was perfectly clean! So both of us went outside, used the water from our pail to get some dirt muddy and began our dirt fight. I made sure to get him pretty dirty since he took a great fall. We went to the party and were beer pong champs all night and everyone was so surprised by our costume. Our hard work really did pay off and it led us to the best Halloween I’ve had so far!