Last-Minute Jack and Jill Couple’s Costume

To make these Jack and Jill costumes you will need:

  • Clothes you can destroy
  • Bandage wrap
  • Twigs
  • A pail
  • Purple, red, and brown eyeshadow (for bruises)

Making the Jack and Jill Costumes

  1. Visit your nearest Goodwill, or raid your closet for any combination of plaid/suspenders/denim/ or whatever Jack and Jill are wearing when you picture them in your mind from your favorite nursery rhyme.
  2. Proceed to tear and rip clothing as you see fit, as if you had a tumble down the hill.
  3. Using the purple, brown, and red eyeshadow, create bruises on exposed areas of skin. It works best to start with a big red dot, and then blend out to purple. We did a bruise on Jill’s cheek, and a black eye for Jack.
  4. GET DIRTY! We used actual mud from outside to rub on our clothes; however, we noticed once it dried that it stopped showing up as clearly. So I would recommend mixing in something brown that would stain the clothes better.
  5. Stick extra twigs and branches into costume (such as in Jill’s pig tail holders).

Last-Minute Jack and Jill Couple's Costume

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