Jack and Jill went up with hill to fetch a pail of water…We all know the nursery rhyme, but what happened to them after? This is our interpretation of it!

Seriously, last minute thrown together costumes can be the best, especially when doing a couple’s costume. We dug through our closet for our best looking hillbilly-like clothes: jeans, flannel, boots, bandannas, etc. Of course, we added some creative touches, like ripping holes in the jeans or putting dirt on the shirts. Then we made ourselves look like we fell and tumbled down a hill together.

Using make-up to create fake black eyes, bloody noses, bruises, cuts, and scrapes is a lot of fun! Add some fake blood and bandages (especially to the broken crown) and the illusion is complete! To make sure the point got across, we added name tags, simply becoming “Jack” & “Jill” for a night. The final touch was carrying around a bucket, or should I say pail? Keeping it empty (cause they never got to the water before falling down) made for an easy way to carry items I wanted throughout the night (like a camera!)

Easily the quickest costume I have ever put together, but so much fun. Going out, looking beat up, yet skipping around with an empty pail, just to see how many people start singing the rhyme is very entertaining!