Half Jack Half Jill Costume

I love dressing up every year for Halloween! I never buy my costume and I keep what I am dressing up as a secret until the big day to see the reactions. My costume ideas can pop into my head at any time.

This year the idea of dressing as Jack and Jill came to me in enough time to put it all together. The outfit itself was made using thrift store clothes and some creative sewing. I used Overalls, a dress and apron. They were cut up and pieced together.

I made a petticoat out of tulle for Jill and used a button down short sleeve work shirt for Jack. The shoes I just happen to have but I am sure many workable options could be found in a thrift store. The hair is just a cheap wig that I bobbed on one side for Jack. The bucket we had in the family but in my search I came across many options at thrift and antique stores. You must remember the part that states “Jack fell down and broke his crown.”

I made a fake bloody bandage using gauze, medical tape and fake blood made out of corn syrup and red food coloring. A little advice with the fake blood, make sure it is completely dry or you line something behind it before putting it on your head. Otherwise, you will have a nice red dyed spot on your forehead for some time.

Putting the outfit together only took 2 days of work. I started on it about a month before Halloween but got frustrated with it and put it away until a week before Halloween. Doesn’t everyone work better under a looming deadline? The question I got most was, “Did you make that yourself?” Most people that grew up with nursery rhymes got it right away when they saw me. There were a few that I had to say, “I’m Jack  and Jill.” This was always followed by. “Oh, I get it.”

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