Catskill Mountain Yeti Costume

Run in terror from the Catskill Mountain Yeti! This is my 3rd home made costume and was by far the most difficult and expensive yet.  Due to the thickness of the faux fur I had to hand stitch almost every inch of this costume.  I used my full face ski helmet covered in furniture foam … Read more

Quick and Easy Kids Bigfoot Costume

Quick and Easy Kids Bigfoot Costume

My 5-year old son has a crazy-dedicated obsession with BigFoot.  Daddy’s bedtime stories tend to star the big guy, who always decides to befriend my son. My son thinks those stories are real.  His favorite movie is “Harry and the Hendersons.”  So it was no shocker when he wanted to be Bigfoot this Halloween. Problem … Read more

Coolest Homemade Little Bigfoot Costume

Homemade Little Bigfoot Costume

I think this has been the best costume I have made yet. This year my son had a strange Halloween costume request for a 3 year old, Bigfoot! Ok! It was impossible to be able to buy this costume in his size so I knew it was time to put my creativity to the test … Read more

Coolest Big Foot Costume

Homemade Big Foot Costume

I needed to make a Big Foot costume for the lead character in a school play. We bought around 5 yards of fake brown fur, trying to haggle down the price to work with a high school play budget. I then sewed a onesie, breaking my needle about every three minutes. Fur got everywhere; I … Read more