Run in terror from the Catskill Mountain Yeti! This is my 3rd home made costume and was by far the most difficult and expensive yet.  Due to the thickness of the faux fur I had to hand stitch almost every inch of this costume.  I used my full face ski helmet covered in furniture foam as a head looking out through the Yeti’s mouth making the Yeti almost 7 feet tall and took a good portion of the weight of the arms off the lower part of the costume.

My elbows were the Yeti’s shoulders and my hands were his elbows and controlled the forearms and hands of the Yeti which were also shaped out of layered furniture foam making them awesome for beating on the ground and dancing!

To construct the costume I went online and found an episode of How It’s Made that goes step by step through the process and did my best to replicate their process to make the highest quality costume I could.  If there are any questions about how I made it or where I found my supplies you can add a comment below