Coolest Homemade Noah’s Ark Halloween Costume:

Body: 100% cardboard w/ some twine to bind it together, and some paint; also, superglue to hold animals on (all animals are small toys each coupled, and 1 Noah-also a toy).

Step 1, The Sides: The Two Sides are cut single ply in a half-moon like shape and sewn together with twine in the front and back so that the top opening is bigger than the bottom.

Step 2, The Deck: The Deck is constructed of two single ply layers sewn together with twine. Each layer is cut in a football-like shape with the to-be bottom layer having tabs or flaps extending over the side of the top layer as they will secure the deck to the sides.

Step 3, The Cabin: The Cabin is constructed of an elongated box 11 in. by 11 in. with flaps that are cut and used to attach to the bottom layer of the Deck. These Flaps add a third layer to the Deck when assembled. The Roof was bent with a crease at the top and glued to the sides of the cabin from the inside. Holes were cut in the Roof and on both sides for Head and Arms to be inserted respectively.

Step 4, Assembly: The Cabin which has been attached to the Deck is inserted to the top of the sides (this required two people to spread apart the two sides in order to make it fit). There were six tabs on each of the two sides which were used to sew and bind the deck to the body.

Step 5, The Entry and Plank: A small box was constructed and mounted to one of the sides, with a flap that could be opened and closed.

Step 6, Paint and Gluing: With the Ark all-put-together it was painted by hand with brushes and acrylic paint. When the paint had dried the animals were individually glued to the deck with a small dot of Super Glue on each animal’s feet.

My son would slip the Ark on over his head and shoulders. Once on my son, all the weight was supported by his shoulders and the roof of the cabin.