My eight year old son wanted a home made costume, he was tired of the same old Ninja and Star Wars costumes. He asked if he could be a Bible character and I was so proud. We decided Noah and his amazing Ark would be perfect, and my wheels started turning. I took two boxes of the same size and hot glued them shut, then together, stacked length wise. I cut a hole that my son could fit in from top to bottom.

I took a third box cut in half and hot glued the front point and back point. I turned all boxes inside out so no words or colors were in my way. I cut port holes on each side, three on top, three on bottom and used clear packing tape to hang stuffed animals from the holes. We used Webkinz because they are all about the same size. I used another small box for the small house behind my son. Because it was already brown I used a marker to create wood planks with dots on them to look like nails. I took blue construction paper and cut it to look like waves and hot glued it to the bottom. We purchased a grey wig and beard set, and my son wore a brown bath robe we already had. I had all materials on hand because I am a preschool teacher, so the wig/beard was our only expense!