Coolest Noah’s Ark Baby Costume

I started this Homemade Noah’s Ark Baby Costume with a laundry basket and hot glued foam board to the sides to form a boat shape. Then I wrapped painters plastic around the basket and duck taped the plastic to the inside of the basket. I bought paper mache rolls and rolled it around the basket six times and let it dry over three days.

I sanded it and painted it brown that took about another two days. I made a hut shape and painted it brown. I got a wagon and covered it with blue material. I took a blue marker and gave it wave a look. I took foam pieces and made fish and stuck them all over, so it would look like the boat was in water.

I got a wooden dowel and hot glued it so it would hold a swinging fly, so it would give it a flying fly look. I handmade a giraffe and got stuffed animals to put around Noah like in the story of Noah. I made my own pattern to make Noah’s costume robe. I braided three braids and then braided them altogether to make a rope look it was made out of light brown yarn.

I bought a beard from a costume store and cut in half and sewed the other half to make a white wig. I got a bumbo to sit him in. A bumbo is a seat that makes a baby three months and up sit up. I covered it up with brown material. I sat Noah in the boat and this how it turned out.

All that work turn out to make a great Noah’s Ark Costume. It was fun!

Homemade Noah's Ark Baby Costume

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