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Homemade Noah’s Ark Costume Complete with the Rainbow

We had a carnival at church this year and I was assigned the Noah’s Ark Station. Of course, a Noah costume was way to boring and common so I thought I would do the Ark itself. I found the perfect skirt for the water at Goodwill and sewed foam fish on it. I made my ark out of cardboard and just stapled some straps to drape it over my shoulders and placed animal stickers (2 by 2) on it.

I painted clouds on my cheeks and found an awesome rainbow wig to represent God’s promise to never flood the earth again. I used my costume to tell the story and did a Noah’s Ark version of pin the tale on the donkey and with a poster I colored with Noah’s ark and blind folded the kids and let them place the animals (stickers from dollar tree) on the ark. And to make my daughter fit in with the theme she chose to be a skunk that went on the ark. The kids loved it and it was simple and cheap!

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