Amazing DIY Big Bad Wolf costume

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, so when I met my husband I was appalled to find out he hadn’t ever dressed up for Halloween as an adult.

I set about to change his mind on Halloween. Our first year together he came with me (I was dressed), by the time our second year rolled around he was ready to try the idea.

I got us both simple costumes to break the ice slowly. By this Halloween, I had his interest, so I asked him to pick the theme and said “I’ll make it happen”. When he chose Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf, I knew I had to make him the star of the show.

I also wanted to make sure I made a mask that was:

  1. Light
  2. Not terribly uncomfortable
  3. That he could still eat and drink in.

I spent a bit of time collecting materials… and then started on the creation.

He LOVED it, and the reactions we got from people were amazing. We went to a local pub and got stopped all night by people asking to take pictures with us. I was especially glad I made the mask only cover the top of his face because people couldn’t get enough of watching the Big Bad Wolf toss back a beer (several people bought him beers so they could take a pic of that too). The pub had a costume contest which we aced, and my hubby is now a Halloween lover! Mission accomplished!
The costume itself did take some time to make, but I enjoy crafty stuff, so that made it even more fun for me. I made it with mostly recycled materials and stuff I had laying around, both of our costumes together came in under 30$.

People didn’t believe I made the mask until we showed them the underside, which made me feel really good too. All in all, 2016 was a year to remember for us.


finished wolf
Finished wolf

close up of mask
Close up of mask

Making the mask

I made the mask using an old Captain America mask, I hot glued a styrofoam snout and ears to it, and filled out the shape with paper mache.

starting out
Starting out

fleshed out
Fleshed out

The “skinning” of a wolf

I used an old faux fur coat to “skin” it and then detailed it with acrylic paint and a mascara wand.

how to skin a wolf
How to skin a wolf

painted up
Painted up

“But dem legs!”

I made the legs with tthe sleeves of the jacket and the feet were made to slide over his boots.

but dem legs !

but dem legs !

Add a Red Riding Hood… and head on out!

Here are some pictures of us together for the full effect. Little Red Riding Hood is really easy, no instructions needed.

add a red riding hood..and head on out!

add a red riding hood..and head on out!

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