Three Blind Mice All Girls Costume

We wanted a fun costume to celebrate a girls weekend in Miami. We were really looking forward to our first warm Halloween without winter coats! All of our past Halloweens were spent in Chitown :)

There were three if us and we wanted our costume to be cute, comfortable, fun, and reasonable cost. We searched for ideas to include three females….three blind mice was perfect!

Super easy – we all had black leggings and black tanks so we picked up some hot pink tutu and mouse ears. We also did a quick youtube search for the face make-up needs and it turned out perfect! we were hesitant to make the first whisker on our cheeks with black makeup! But after first attempt without error, I completed 18 perfect whiskers with simple quick strokes! Funny, our noses kept getting rubbed off but our supply of makeup was at the ready for touch ups.

We had a great response and many photo requests :) some renamed us as “three blonde mice” we heard – “wish I had a mouse trap” and “these mice need a guard dog” LOL

We were joking around all night making sure we were photo ready with our noses painted and our tutus at equal height.

Three Blind Mice All Girls Costume

Three Blind Mice All Girls Costume

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