This Three Blind Mice Costume for Ladies is our 2012 Halloween costume, my sister-in-laws and I are big kids, and it’s tough to come up with costumes for 3, so after a little brainstorming we thought we had our costume. We started with gray Capri leggings and t-shirts, the idea blossomed from there. We purchased pink boa’s to sew to the t-shirts for our furry bellies, we also purchased the “mouse” set for our ears, bow tie and tails.

After digging through our closets looking for gloves, that dictated who would be what color mouse; we cut the fingers out and added glitter to candy canes (yes front yard Christmas décor) so that we could have bling out our canes! Add a pair of sunglasses and TA-DA!

We won 1st place in our costume contest and we had tons of compliments! Everyone thought it was so original, some people would stare for a minute and then say …. OH I get it!