Sexy Three Blind Mice Group Halloween Costume

Need a last minute idea? Three Bling Mice .. Easy as 1-2-3!

All you need is a short black strechy tube skirt, black tank, gloves, leg warmers & a tail. Pink fuzzy toliet seat covers for the belly! We made holes in the shirt and cardboard then used zip ties to secure the belly! Can’t forget the clip on ears, we added pink fabric to match the belly. Make up pink noses & wiskers are a must and clear black rimmed glasses to give you the sexy nerdy look!

One little hint. Clip on your tail when you get OUT of the car. Unless your into that kinda thing!

Are you going to a crowed bar?! Don’t worry!!! Your walking stick will clear the path immediately. If not, people start to move after a few taps! Used the sticks all night long, even while dancing! Who wouldn’t love to see three sexy mice on the dance floor?

Sexy Three Blind Mice Group Halloween Costume

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