Evil Snow Queen Costume

I was really trying to be the evil Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. But all the kids ended up thinking I was Elsa. They were all running up to me wanting pictures. I couldn’t move three steps. I probably took 30 pics with strangers that night. I was like wait Im evil! They didn’t care.

I got an old wedding dress and made a cape. I ordered a cheap faux fur to use with it. I found plastic icicle ornaments (one good thing about the stores putting Christmas decor out so early) and I put them through on the shoulders. I also got a cheap tiara and the craft store and glued the icicles at varying heights to it. I also found twisty vines with icicles on them and wove them around the tiara.

I stole some of those crystals and glued them to fake eyelashes to make my eyes look frozen too. I added gloves. Bought a blond wig and did some braiding. I braided icicle like garland in the wig too. It was a fun costume even if all the kids thought I was Elsa. 

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023