Evil Snow White Costume

Evil Snow White

I had been impressed with images of Disney Princesses on Deviant Art. Not sure if the artist. But I let it inspire my costume one year. I decided to do an evil Snow White. It was pretty simple. I bought a pattern and followed that. I did find a foam apple and took a “bite” … Read more

Shattered Doll Costume

Shattered Doll

I’m a hard rock heavy metal music fan. I always loved Maria Brink from “In This Moment” and their Beautiful Tragedy Album Cover. When they first started out she wore baby doll dresses to all her live shows. So that was my inspiration. After it was done I was also told I looked like the … Read more

Evil Snow Queen Costume

Snow Queen

I was really trying to be the evil Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. But all the kids ended up thinking I was Elsa. They were all running up to me wanting pictures. I couldn’t move three steps. I probably took 30 pics with strangers that night. I was like wait Im evil! They didn’t care. … Read more

Homemade Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride

I had already done Sally. I wanted to do the Corpse Bride costume. I already had the technique down for the wig. Full roll of blue yarn and wrap around my arm like winding up a rope. Cut the end by my elbow and then use the middle of all of them as the roots. … Read more

Amazing The Book of Life La Muerte Costume

Amazing The Book of Life La Muerte Costume

Each year I search for inspiration for a costume that will allow me to express my creativity, innovation, and spirit of Halloween. My 5-year-old son had recently been watching The Book of Life again. I had seen it before but something specifically caught my attention this time. The last line in the movie spoken by … Read more