Shattered Doll Costume

I’m a hard rock heavy metal music fan. I always loved Maria Brink from “In This Moment” and their Beautiful Tragedy Album Cover. When they first started out she wore baby doll dresses to all her live shows. So that was my inspiration.

After it was done I was also told I looked like the porcelain doll from the new Wizard of Oz movie.  I used a sewing pattern to make the dress.  I fashioned a large tutu out of some heavy tulle and wore some bloomers.

I created a bow belt and put in wire so it would hold its shape. I ordered white tights and a white shirt stocking. I used a black fabric marker to draw on the joints and the cracks using different techniques and shading. I ordered a blond curly wig and added a hair bow. Painted my face and there you go.

It was a fun outfit to wear. I liked taking pictures that made it look like I was just tossed on the ground. So much fun. 

Shattered Doll

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