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Bingo Momma’s Babies Illusion Costume

I came up with the idea a few years ago. When I first created the costume, the baby on my back simply just hung there crying & whining for her Momma not to go to bingo, but stay at home with the kids. My cousin gave me the idea to attach string to the baby’s feet to animate her kicking while crying & begging her Momma to stay home!

Originally, I not only had 1 baby on my back & 2 babies clinging to my legs, I also stuffed my belly to look pregnant, AND I was holding another baby in my arms! That way BINGO MOMMA would have 4 babies crying for her attention & 1 on the way :) My nephews & my niece helped me to make a audio recoding that I saved on my iPhone of all of us making baby crying sounds, pleading for Momma to stay home with us & NOT go to bingo.

One of my nephews even made a loud fart omg sound then starting crying even louder! Since the actual “MOMMA” character doesn’t talk, I used the recording by placing the phone mostly in my pocket, but leaving enough of the speaker out so you would hear all the commotion coming from BINGO Momma’s kids!

EVERYONE seemed to LOVE my costume. I got laughs everywhere I went! People were even stopping me on the side of the road asking if they could take my picture!!! NOW I am in the process of creating a new costume idea, but it sure is going to be hard to beat this one!

Bingo Momma's Babies Illusion Costume

Bingo Momma's Babies Illusion Costume

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