This was a fun costume to make , although I couldn’t find  a wedding dress to ffit the bride so I had to make it myself.  i started off with buying a blowup doll, and making a wedding dress,  bridal bouquet , vail and all. I had to make the bottom of the dress to fit both of us because I had to be behind her and hide my legs. Then I dressed  in a black jacket made a bow tie and top hat . I stuffed a pair of pants and socks and put black shoes on them. I put a large belt around the waist of the pants and put it behind me and tied it around my waist,I slipped into the bottom of the brides dress and tied the bride to the front top half of me.  It sounds complicated but when you look at the picture you’ll see how easy it is.  She looks like a chubby bride. Carrying around her groom. We called her Lotta, because she was a lota woman! I won first prize.  Yay!