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Coolest Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

This homemade baby optical illusion costume was a hit! This is an incredible optical illusion that will keep people staring at you for hours at a party trying to figure this out. It is a lot of fun. I promise you will get so many laughs.

The key to making the optical illusion REALLY work is to walk hunched over and slow, like the old woman would, yet your head looks around with the pacifier playing the part of the baby. People loved this. The old woman’s head turns and looks around independently as I’ll explain below.

Making it was very simple: I made the whole thing in an hour with safety pins and fabric batting, a $10 mask, and $7 worth of old clothes from the Salvation Army. The woman’s mask is filled with batting and safety pinned to your shirt. The rest of the batting makes the hunch-back, and fills the baby outfit, which is also safety pinned to the costume.

Tip: Make sure the baby outfit is all one bright color, and the woman’s clothes drab and also, one color. This accentuates the optical illusion and makes it look real. It is terrific how real this looks in person.

One of the best features was to run some hidden string up the sleeves, attach it to either side of the woman’s head (hidden behind her hair). Pulling on the strings actually TURNS the woman’s head independently. It is hilarious! This was too good and too much fun not to share!

Thanks for considering me in the contest! This was a blast to make and I hope others enjoy the laughs that will come from this.

Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

Homemade Baby Optical Illusion Costume

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