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Coolest Homemade Jessica Loves Tony Romo Optical Illusion Costume

The Homemade Jessica Loves Tony Romo Optical Illusion Costume I am submitting is original and my own idea. I call it “Jessica Loves Tony Romo & Can’t LET GO!” I was looking through this sight when I came up with the idea. I saw the old lady and baby costume and I thought to myself, now what can I do to be totally original.

Well I am a Dallas cowboy fan and the idea of Jessica hanging onto Tony Romo’s Back sounded hilarious to me, yet challenging. Week by week I started gathering items together that I could use for the costume. I pictured everything in my head and brought it to life! Here are the materials I used:

*Scissors, Twine, Clear Large tape, Safety pins and a Hot Glue GUN!

Making Jessica: 1 pair of Red Boots with zipper, Pillow Stuffing, a few random clothes, 1 Book bag, 1 pair of woman’s blue jeans, 1 Woman’s Tony Romo Dark Blue Jersey, One long sleeve dark blue shirt,1 pair of any color gloves, 1 Long blond Wig,1 Pink woman’s Dallas cowboys hat. Eye shadow, blush, foundation,pink lipstick and 1 pair of fake lashes.

*Stuff pants with stuffing, leave room at the top
*Slightly fill back pack with random clothes (if you do not have enough stuffing, clothes can be used!)
*stuff only the sleeves of the long sleeved blue shirt.
*stuff cloves to look like hands
*stuff bottom of jeans into red boots and zip. place clear tape around boots and pants to secure.
*string twine through blue jean belt loops
*pull the pants up under bottom of book bag and tie twine tight (secure with twine on book bag loop to make sure pants are secure)
*unlatch book bag straps, slide long sleeve shirt over the book bag straps on opposite side as the front of shirt. The restrap on out side of shirt.
*slide blue jersey over long sleeve shirt and pull stuffed arms through shirt arm holes.
*safety pin top of long sleeve shirt to the top of book bag straps. This assures that the shirt meets closer to your head for more realistic look
*attach stuffed gloves to the ends of long sleeve shirt. Safety pin.

Making Tony Romo: 1 pair of white shoes or Kleets, 1 Pair of ankle socks, 1 Pair of silver or grey pants, 1 old white shirt, 1 old dark blue shirt, 1 decent white t-shirt, 1 white Large Tony Romo Jersey, 1 Book bag, 1 Dallas Cowboys Helmet, 8X10 scanned picture of Tony Romo’s Face, Pillow case, pillow stuffing.

*stuff pillow case with pillow stuffing
*place stuffed pillow case open side down, make sure part of stuffed pillow case is hanging out of book bag.
*Gray pants: cut 2 strips (1 inc) of white old t-shirt long enough for the length of the side of pants legs.

*cut 4 pants length strips from old dark blue shirt (1/2 inc.)
* hot glue white strips on each side of pants.
*Hot glue 2 blue strips on each side of white strips on each side of pants.
*release straps and slide White Jersey over book bag. Straps hanging out, opposite of the front of shirt. Restrap on outside of jersey.

*Save a pic of Tony Romo to you pictures, crop neck and face, print as an 8×10 and cut around neck and face.

*Place helmet over pillow case hanging out of book bag. Secure with twine through holes in the helmet to book bag hook.
* place the picture of Tony Romo in the helmet. Apply face to a piece of cardboard if it is too flimsy.

Putting Tony & Jessica on you:

*Put the Tony Romo book bag straps on from the front.
*put Jessica Simpson book bag straps on back.
*Wear grey pants,decent white t-shirt (I used black in pic, because I forgot my white shirt at home), socks and white shoes. Make sure pants are folded up to shins.

*Wrap the legs of Jessica around waiste, twine legs together and secure else where with twine to make sure they do not fall.
*swing arms around the front of Tony and secure with safety pins.

*slide Tony’s White Jersey up a little and shove arms in holes of arms. The larger the jersey the better.

*Put on dramatic eyeshadow,blush and pink lipstick, apply fake lashes, and slide on your wig and pink hat.

And so there you have it! My Homemade Jessica Loves Tony Romo Optical Illusion Costume! Be sure to check out my slide show below. I hope the link works well for you.! Thanks for this opportunity to share my great costume idea!

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  1. This costume is hilarious. Totally fit for a Cowboys Fan!!!!!!!! Anyone can appreciate the time and creativity that was put into this!

  2. Above is my costume from last year, don,t let the long instructions deter you from trying to make this costume or one like it. My idea for this came from the Grandma & Baby optical illusion costume here on coolest-homemade-costumes, just write that in the search and maybe the instructions there will seem a little more simple for making an optical illusion costume.

    Also be sure to check out my Halloween store on eay,


    Happy Halloween!!!


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