My 8 year old son is wearing the costume. The idea came from watching the Despicable Me movie. Everything that I used in making this costume is recycled materials.

His pirate shirt is my old white maternity blouse that I altered to make it fit on my son. His fake legs is a combination of 2 old T-shirts (red shirt and white shirt) that I cut-up and sewn together and made it look like pants. Then I stuffed it with old newspapers and stuck a “leg stick” at the end. I couldn’t find a wooden leg stick in our house, so I just made one from an old cardboard that I spray-painted black.

The Minion’s body is a combination of 3 old shirts — my husband’s old yellow shirt for the body; my son’s old long-sleeve yellow shirt for the arms; my son’s old blue long sleeve shirt for the pants. I altered an old pair of my son’s black gloves to make it smaller and I attached them at the end of the arms and stuffed them with pillow stuffing. The Minion’s mono-goggle is made of a plastic DVD case cover which I spray-painted with silver. I cut-out a round white piece of paper and a brown paper for the eyeball and stuck it on the plastic DVD case cover. The mouth is a combination of black and white fabric. I attached a velcro behind it so it can be moved upside-down (sad-look) or right side up (smiling-look).

The treasure chest is an old cardboard box that I stained brown all over, painted and duct taped black stripes on it. I attached a small pouch bag on the side which holds a few fake jewelry necklaces. I cut-up a few strips from a white shirt and attached it to the box as a suspender for my son’s shoulder. His pirate shirt and brown vest (made from an old tank-top shirt) is then worn over the suspenders.

I only spent around $7 for the black duct tape and silver spray paint.