Scary DIY Headless Football Player Halloween Costume

Scary DIY Headless Football Player Halloween Costume

This costume was made relatively easy. We put his picture on Facebook and everyone went crazy over it. People we didn’t even know was sharing the picture. Everything was purchased at a thrift store or items we already had. The total cost was about $25 from items purchased at local thrift stores. Here is a … Read more

Funny “40 Whiners” Costume Made By Seahawks Fans

Funny "40 Whiners" Costume Made By Seahawks Fans

My sister and I are big Seahawks fans. So after the recent win and 49er complaints about the noise level, we decided to be 40 whiners fans. I made a Tshirt in 49ers colors that said “forty whiners fan.” It was super cheap. Got it at Wet Seal, 5 shirts for $20. I used Tshirt … Read more

Cool Child’s Costume Idea: Football Field Costume

Cool Child's Costume Idea: Football Field Costume

My son loves football, so, this idea costume idea was perfect for him.  I started off with a cardboard box, painted it green and hot-glued astro turf to it. I used PVC for the goal posts and hotglued more astro turf to his greeen sweat pants. I then threw in a football mask and he … Read more

Original Homemade Costume: The Joe Paterno Statue

Original Homemade Costume: The Joe Paterno Statue

Our company has an annual Halloween Party and the costume competition is very competitive. I knew this year if I had a chance of winning, I had come up with something extremely different. Since I’m a diehard Penn State fan, I thought the idea of doing where is The Joe Paterno statue now…would be a … Read more

Coolest One of a Kind “Who Dat” Wordplay Owl Costume

I’m back.  I usually like to make my costumes a Play on words.  Last year’s idea came from me being from  New Orleans and

I’m back. I usually like to make my costumes a play on words. Last year’s idea came from me being from New Orleans and a huge “New Orleans Saints Fan” and our saying is “Who Dat”, Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints!” So last year I went as a “Who Dat” and this is my costume. … Read more

Coolest Ditka and Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume

As you can probably assume, my husband came up with this Homemade Ditka & Refrigerator Perry Couples Costume idea. As a true football fanatic he had always wanted to dress up as Mike Ditka, however we couldn’t figure out the perfect couple pairing. Then one night after a few drinks he and his friends came … Read more

Coolest Homemade Coach Mike Holmgren Costume

Homemade Coach Mike Holmgren Costume

I had an old pair of gold glasses. I made the make-shift coach’s headset from two old Walkman headphones. The Seahawk vest was in my closet and the mustache was trimmed to look like his. Holding the paper to cover my mouth when I spoke was a clincher, as Holmgren did that every game. And … Read more

Coolest Coach Mike Ditka Halloween Costume

Homemade Coach Mike Ditka Halloween Costume

This homemade coach Mike Ditka Halloween costume is extremely easy to make and fun to pull off once you get the materials. All that is needed for this awesome superfan replica of “Da Coach” is a mustache (I got mine at a local costume store for $8, but any mustache will do), spirit gum to … Read more

Coolest DIY Zombie Football Referee Halloween Costume

DIY Zombie Football Referee Halloween Costume

My son and I Tommy from Louisville, KY decided to get real creative this year. We built a zombie referee carrying a peewee football player. We built it mostly out of Styrofoam and PVC pipe, all stuffed into a back pack. I referee football so the uniform shirt, pants, flag, whistle, socks, hat and shoes … Read more

Coolest Headless Football Player Costume

Homemade Headless Football Player Costume

My son wanted to be a scary football player. So we decided to make him a Homemade Headless Football Player Costume. We placed his football socks and pants on as normal then placed a wash cloth with fake blood on top of his head. Placed his shoulder pads on top of his head and tied … Read more

Football Player Costume

Ohio State Buckeye Player Cosume

We are huge Ohio State Buckeye football fans. My son who turned two in October, would recognize anything Buckeyes and gets all excited and says “oohh guckeyes!” which was his way of saying “Go Buckeyes!” So he just had to be a Buckeye! He had the jersey and since the back of it was blank … Read more

Coolest Homemade Football Halloween Costume

Homemade Football Halloween Costume

My son is a huge Michigan fan so I came up with this idea of a Homemade Football Halloween Costume and he loves it. What you will need: 1 box (sized for your child) Pvc piping: 2 elbows, 1 tee and 1 8ft. straight pipe 1 can yellow spray paint 1 can white spray paint … Read more

Coolest Homemade Heisman Trophy Costume

Homemade Heisman Trophy Costume

This Homemade Heisman Trophy Costume is my boyfriend Brian dressed up as the Heisman Trophy. We bought bronze spray paint and painted an old sweatshirt and sweatpants (the pants were originally dark blue; in retrospect, a lighter base color would have looked better), knee socks (from a sporting goods store), and old tennis shoes. I … Read more

Coolest Football Player Costume

Homemade Football Player Costume

I am a female high school art teacher at Lake Travis High School in Austin, TX. I love to watch the football games and we are the state winning football team (4A) for the past 4 years and are trying to “drive for 5” consecutive state titles. This year for Halloween, I decided to pay … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Football Costume

Baby Football Costume

Keaton LOVES football, so he is a football player-it is a bought costume; however there is one thing that Keaton loves even more than football and that is his new baby brother- the football-. The Homemade Baby Football Costume is crocheted in brown and white with an orange T on it. They are so amazing … Read more

Coolest Colts Corn Hole Costume

Homemade Colts Corn Hole Costume

Choose your favorite team. We chose a Homemade Colts Corn Hole Costume. Find 2 boxes and cut the bottom off completely. Cut a half circle so that you can lean your neck into the box. Also, cut holes in the sides of the box for each arm. Next paint them to look like football themed … Read more

Football Costume

I had this mask and didn’t really know what to do with it, so I got creative and made a football costume. I used a cardboard box and hot glued fake astro-turf to the front of it. I then painted the back of the box green and painted white lines on the front. I used … Read more