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Creative Football Referee Costume with “Measuring” Crutches

About a month before Halloween I had to have knee surgery so I had to have crutches for my Halloween costume and had to get a little creative. I decided to be the referees on the side line that measure the 10 yards for the downs. I turned my crutches into the polls and even chained them together at the bottom with white plastic chain. It turned out to be 10 feet instead of 10 yards but it was okay cause it was long enough to go over my neck so I could still use the crutches.The orange and black on them are construction paper and we’re super easy once we made a template from the 1st side. Then I decided to wear a referee costume, even though the sideline guys don’t always where full ref outfits. When we went to Halloween party thought my leg brace was part of the costume, they thought I was a replacement ref and was beat up because of my terrible calls. If I thought they we’re going to go that way I might have painted my face to have a fake black eye or something. All in all it was really fun costume and everyone got a good laughed at it.

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