My sister and I are big Seahawks fans. So after the recent win and 49er complaints about the noise level, we decided to be 40 whiners fans. I made a Tshirt in 49ers colors that said “forty whiners fan.” It was super cheap. Got it at Wet Seal, 5 shirts for $20. I used Tshirt spray paint and stencils at Hobby Lobby. I smeared my makeup and that was about it.

My sister went all out and bought her 49ers shirt, some Kleenex, cheap reusable 49er bags (purses) and adult diapers! We didn’t end up wearing the diapers but had a great time. If I could redo the night I would make sure my makeup looked like tears because I think a lot of people thought we were roller derby girls or something which was annoying. Other people thought we were real 49er fans. So far from the truth!! It would be cool to use this costume for any rival team not just the 49ers although the 40 whiners title made it easy to do.