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Funny Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding Couple Costume

Natalie (Nancy) and I (Tonya) were previous co-workers turned best friends. Last Halloween we decided we needed a costume that would give a good laugh and maybe some nostalgia. After debating and throwing out some overdone costumes we came up with a blast from the past this Halloween. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding ladies and gentlemen!

I handmade the turtlenecks with a bucket full of rhinestones and hot glue. And yes, they are perfectly glued and symmetrical. We are also wearing nude tights, flats and old dance costumes as skirts.

Tonya: French braid, blow-out bangs, baton/pipe and a stank face.

Nancy: hair half up with a scrunchie, poise and an awesome knee bandage. Also, don’t forget to yell “WHY ME”.

If you are trying to pull off the perfect Nancy and Tonya don’t forget the ice skates, flowers and handmade foil medals accessories. We also threw in a few fake triple lutzs and backwards skating throughout the night.

We won the costume contest at a local bar. As we pranced around with our gift card winnings people we lining up to take our picture. For a split second I felt like the real deal. Even though we didn’t have a body guard or an ex-husband to do the assaulting, I took matters into my own hands and carried the baton (metal pipe) around all night. We both agreed that this costume would be going into the vault and possibly making another appearance next year since we got so many “Oh my gosh!” and “that is the best costume ever” comments all evening.

Funny Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding Couple Costume

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