Coolest Football Player Costume

I am a female high school art teacher at Lake Travis High School in Austin, TX. I love to watch the football games and we are the state winning football team (4A) for the past 4 years and are trying to “drive for 5” consecutive state titles. This year for Halloween, I decided to pay homage to our winning football team and dress up as one of them.

The head and helmet apparatus is completely homemade from Paper Mache and plaster. My Football Player Costume took a month to complete and was a joint effort between me and my husband who is also an art teacher. My husband built the head on an exercise ball base. The head rests on a set of practice shoulder pads to help distribute the weight. The uniform is borrowed from the football team.

Tonight at our last home game of the season, I plan to run out onto the field with the team. I guess you could call me Lake Travis High School’s biggest fan.