This Baby on Granny’s Back Optical Illusion Costume was such a fun costume to make. I couldn’t believe the amount of double takes my daughter received Halloween night. Unfortunately in our area there isn’t any costume contests to enter but I felt it was a costume worth sharing with others.

You will need to find an old womans/mans mask (this will be your biggest expense). At your local thrift shop you can find a dress, shoes, a cane, a purse, socks or stockings, a turtle neck shirt, outfit for the baby, mittens or gloves, and a bonnet. You will also need to buy safety pins, a pacifier, batting to stuff the baby body and ribbon to sew to the collar of the baby’s outfit. This way you can tie it around your neck to make it look more realistic.

First stuff your baby and either sew or hot glue the mittens to the outfit. Put on the dress and safety pin the old woman/man mask in place just below your chin. Stuff a small pillow or batting up the back of the dress to give yourself the appearance of a hunchback. This can be secured with a belt or actually using a stuffed backpack.

Secure the baby to your back with safety pins, tie the collar around your neck, put on your bonnet, suck on the pacifier, purse and cane in hand and be prepared for the questions to begin. Most importantly, have fun with it.