Coolest Homemade Dracula Love Child Costume

First of all, I’m cheap. The less I spend making a costume the better. On this Dracula Love Child Costume, I spent a whopping $0.50 for a ring pop and that was it. Optical illusion type costumes are always amusing to me, so that was my premise. I usually start by searching through the left over pieces from past Halloween costumes. Then I search the house to see what else might be of use to pull everything together. Soon enough, the “love child” was born.

Items list:
Mask, empty gallon of milk, vacuum extension rod, backpack with double zippers, hanger, cape w/ hood, baby pj’s, baby mittens, bib, pacifier (I used a ring pop), beanie, black adult gloves, black long sleeve shirt, black pants, tape, batting, safety pins, and egg crate foam (2 pieces cut about a foot long, and about 4 inches wide).

Place the mask over the milk carton, with the handle facing the back side and the opening facing down. Jam the narrow end of the vacuum extension rod in through the carton opening. Place the rod vertically into the backpack and zip up around the rod to hold it in place. I ended up placing a couple wadded up t-shirts in the bottom of the backpack to raise the rod a little, and to stabilize the rod from shifting back and forth.

With the hanger, take the pieces of egg crate foam with the flat side facing up, and tape one on top of the left side, and one on the right side. Tape it enough to keep it in place, but try to keep its form in tact (meaning don’t bend it too much). This will create the illusion of shoulders. Then hang the hanger through the handle of the milk carton and secure it with tape.

Stuff the baby pj’s with batting to fill it out. Pin the mittens to the sleeves. Then pin it to the black shirt just under the neck line of the shirt. It’s easier to gage where to put it by wearing the shirt and pinning it on in front of a mirror.

When you’re ready to wear it, put the shirt, pants, beanie, and black mittens on. Put the bib around your neck. Put the backpack on. Place the hood over the milk carton and tie the neck string around the vacuum rod. Drape the cape over the hanger and your own shoulders. The hanger should be sitting higher than your shoulders to conceal them. Pin the left and right side of the cape to the front of your shirt to keep it from flapping in wind when you walk so you don’t expose anything. Pop the pacifier in your mouth and you are all set!

I ended up taking first place at the office costume contest for most humorous. It was hysterical. Everyone thought there was really someone behind me wearing the mask.
I won $20. That’s a $19.50 profit!

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